Doctor Tarsa's facilities are based in Turkey. Since 2000, DRT signed the joint venture agreement with SQM and by 2006, DRT had become the leading company for specialty products in Turkey. Today, DRT's products are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide. 

DRT's mission is to contribute to technological development in the agricultural sector, to observe and define the present and future needs of the growers and to support them by providing the right products to achieve optimum yield and quality.



N: 20%      P2O5:20%      K2O:20%

TE: IRON Fe - EDTA Chelated      MANGANESE Mn - EDTA Chelated      ZINC Zn - EDTA Chelated      COPPER Cu - EDTA Chelated      BORON B and MOLYBDENUM Mo

Hydroponica Potassium Nitrate

N: 13%      P2O5: 0%      K2O: 46%

Hydroponica CalNit

Calcium Nitrate

N: 15.5%      CaO: 26%

Hydroponica CalMag

Calcium Magnesium Nitrate

N: 13%      CaO: 16.5%      MgO: 6%

Hydroponica SOP

Potassium Sulphate

N: 0%      P2O5:0%      K2O:51%

Sulfur 18% (minimum)

Hydroponica MAP

Mono Ammonium Phosphate

N: 12%      P2O5: 61%      K2O: 0%

Hydroponica MG

Magnesium Sulfate

SO3: 33%      MgO: 16%

Headquartered in Houston, Texas USA for over 47 years, Stoller Enterprises, Inc. is dedicated to helping producers enhance yields by maximizing crop's genetic expression.

Only Stoller products contain Stoller’s proprietary technology that is proven to ensure optimum plant growth by maintaining appropriate biological balance and activity. In combination with proper nutrition and good farming practices, the result is enhanced marketable yield, significant return-on-investment and improved stress tolerance.

Aqua N

NH2: 19% Ca:6.5% B:0.13%


Ca 11.5% + B 0.75%


B: 11.5 Mo: 0.06%

Desert Mix

Zn: 2.6% Fe:1.5% Mn0.6% Mg: 0.85% Cu: 0.5% S:2.6%

Golden Harvest Plus

N: 6.27% P: 22.59% K: 2.51% Zn: 2.6% Fe:0.3% Mn: 0.3% Mg: 0.6 Cu: 0.1% B: 0.12%


B: 3.7% Mo: 0.025% Cu: 0.12% Zn: 5.0%


NH2: 19% Ca:6.5% B:0.13%

This Iron

Fe: 6% S:3.0%

This Zinc

Zn: 9.0% S: 4.0%t

This Manganese

Mn: 6.0% S:3.0%

Natr'l Oil

Vegetables oils: 93%

Beijing Leili Marine Bioindustry Inc. is the founder of China seaweed biological products for agricultural use industry, which has been keeping a leading position in this industry.

Leili provide more than 80 countries with our original seaweed biostimulants and related services, including but not limited to the healthy crop cultivation solution and green agricultural input, crop nutrition deficiency diagnosis and tech, crop balance nutrition diagnosis and tech, and soil improvement and remediation tech. All the above services have been based on our field experience and continuously innovation on technology through the past 26 years.


Seaweed Organic Granular Fertilizer


Secondary and Microelement Granular Fertilizer

AGRODRIP S.A., based in the Industrial Area of Sindos In Thessaloniki (Greece) provides ISO 9001 certified high quality, cutting-edge comprehensive range of innovative hydraulic and compression fittings, PE pipes, drip pipes, mini sprinklers and tapes.

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