Pot and Bag Production Sytstem - A Substrate Based Production System

  • Specifications:


  • Modular: Yes
  • Closed System: No
  • Automated: Yes
  • Food Safe: Yes

Pot and bag production model is a substrate based growing system and it represents the modern systems used in precision farming. The volume of these pots and the spacing between them make it convenient for planting pepper, eggplant, tomato, cucumber and other fruiting crops.

A well balanced nutrient solution is frequently injected to the pots or bags to irrigate the planted crops. The irrigation time and frequency is controlled manually or automatically

The advantages of the Pot and bag production model includes: reduction in water, fertilizers and pesticide usages, cut the cost of plowing, soil preparation, weeds and other pests control.

Product Details

The Pots

Durable, Milky White Plastic Pots

Our pots are made to last up to 4 years. Pot sizes differ based on the crop needs. The pot distribution and spacing is optimized to maximize the production per unit area while keeping daily work and agricultural practices easy to handle.

The pots are:

  • UV treated
  • Perforated to optimize drainage
  • Withstand extreme temperature
  • Stackable for space saving

The Bags

Compact, Pre-Perforated, White Bags

The ready to use bags are customized for long cropping seasons. The substrate properties are optimized for perfect plant growth water retention and aeration.

The bags are:

  • Pre-perforated for planting and drainage
  • 100cm or 120cm in length
  • White in color and black interior

The Irrigation System

EU products, long lasting and Automated

The irrigation network can be manual or automatic, either ways, it is easy to control, program and maintain. It provides each and every plant with the exact amount of water and solution needed during the different plant stages.

The irrigation system is:

  • All hydraulic and compression fittings and PE pipes are made in Greece, EU
  • Customized to separate each production unit from the rest
  • Pipes are temperature and chemical resistant
  • All hydraulic and compression fittings are sealed for zero leakage
  • Pumps are made in Italy or USD (depending on the system specifications)
  • Electrical and electronic control panel for manual and automatic control
  • Hydro-cyclonic, self-cleaning filtering system
  • Can withstand 10 Bars of pressure
  • Safety electrical breakers


For a more sophisticated system

Many add-ons can be integrated to Pot or Bags model, including Ozonators, Reverse Osmosis (RO), collecting gutters, and other optional modules.

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