Our Services


Our Company is contracted to manage farming and agricultural businesses on behalf of small scale farms up to large scale agricultural investments. Our management portfolio is spread over Lebanon and other countries.
Under contract to our clients, Inmaa Agricultural develops and manages agricultural and farming assets, which include the farmland and the farming operations conducted on it. Our management service covers broad area cropping, horticulture and livestock production. Inmaa’s expertise is in studying and managing small to large scale, geographically and commodity diverse agricultural operations.

Company Consulting

Inmaa has a dedicated consultancy and research division. Our company provides consultancy services to a wide range of clients including primary producers and agricultural investors.
Consulting work includes technical project research, studies and design, project feasibility studies, market studies and business planning. On the farm level consultancy, Inmaa uses its expertise in diagnosis, scouting and analysis to provide specific solutions to overcome the different outbreaks and problems the project is facing.

Company Solutions

Inmaa has incorporated throughout its team experience comprehensive due diligence advices and hands-on support in evaluating opportunities across the risk and return spectrum and across the supply chain. Our team has executed many turnkey projects and provided technical key solutions offering the agricultural investors a holistic service including concept advice, up-to-date designs, implementation planning, and project management. Another aspect of Inmaa’s solutions is to provide the agricultural sector with innovative high quality agricultural material.

Our Activities

Land assessment & reclamation

Climate, Soil and Water Resources Analysis.
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Irrigation systems

Topography Analysis, Hydaulic and Irrigation Design
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Fertigation and pest control

Fertilization requirements & crop stress management
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Hydroponic systems

Advanced Eco friendly production systems
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